Monday, February 26, 2007

Icy Sings For G

CLICK HERE to watch and hear Icy sing for G, it's her anniversary.


Tom Thumb said...

Happy Anniversary, G!
Relive your bachelorette days by coming down to the Happy Weiner where me and my friends will take good care of you!

ariel said...

You'll be older, toooooooo
AAAAAAAH and if you say the word,
I could stay with you.

great singing, Icy!

Happy Anniversary, G!

Tom & Icy said...

Will you still need me
Will you still FEED me
When I'm sixty-four

G said...

Icy, I am so touched by this - especially you all duded up in a tophat and that's before I could even hear the song (which I can't hear from my office PC, but will hear tonight).

Thanks all for your wishes and Tom Thumb - I'm sure you would. I'll keep that in mind for a girls night out.

tsduff said...

Icy, you should get an Oscar...
Happy Anniversary G :-D I love that song... great video btw :-D

Jamie Dawn said...

Good dog, great performance!!

Happy Anniversary to G!!!!!