Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Wreck

And dogs can't spell, apparently.


Dr. Quincy said...

Oh boy! I guess I'll have some "patients" to take a look at!

ariel said...


tsduff said...

I love all the wildlife I find over here - coffee slurping lizards and dogs - that is quite a sophisticated post today. (Are you sure that is coffee?)

Nice work Tom!

The Spooky Guy said...

Of course its coffee! He got it from Nervous Norvis' cafe.
Are you sure that Lizard doesn't have some Scandinavian in him? He can drink coffee with the best of us Swedes here in the Netherworld and still appear calm but energized, if maybe slightly excitable, but certainly nothing like what happens to Norvis, or Tweak from South Park.
Perhaps Mr. Spock was walking down that road and The Cheesemeister saw him and caused the accident because she wasn't paying attention. If you see her, Icy, would you please fetch her and bring her to me so we can get to work on the next book?

Jamie Dawn said...


Dawgs arent sposed too no how two spell theengs rite.