Thursday, May 31, 2007

Baked Brain


Indeterminacy said...

I heard how how it is in Ohio right now. Poor Icy. Uncle tom should give you a bowl of ice cubes to lick.

G said...

Icy, I hope you're under a nice shadey tree or on a cool floor.

Cheesemeister said...

Yes, here comes the Hot Season. Yargh! I don't like it when it gets much above 80 degrees, personally.

ariel said...

Icy, want me to shave you?

Minka said... know what country would suit you better? You´ll think about it...I know some nice dogs ;)

Jamie Dawn said...

I totally agree. We got up to 90 today and VERY humid.
We've had company this week, my MIL and SIL.
We went for a walk and nearly had heat stroke.
We should have waited until early evening.
Drink lots of water, Icy!!

Doo-Doo Girl said...

We should get together!!!!! Some people say my brain is fried!!!!