Saturday, July 28, 2007

Privacy Fence of Flowers

Master Tom just planted some Rose of Sharon bushes and they grew into a fence.


ariel said...

they love it there. they are beautiful.

TLP said...

Lovely. Every guy and his dog can use some privacy.

Doug said...

Do green fences make for green neighbors?

Jamie Dawn said...

That's a nice privacy fence.

When I was little, we attended a church called The Rose of Sharon.

I'm in CA at my parents'. On Wed, my dad, brother, son, and I start our driving vacation. Hooray!!
See you again soon. I'll be back to my "normal" life on Aug. 8th.
Enjoy your summer!!

ariel said...

going catch up with three men of all ages, Jamie, you are quite something. have a wonderful vacation!

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