Sunday, September 23, 2007

Who's On First?

The dogs act like Abbot and Costello.


Ugly Grace said...

Abbott and Costello were in my pub last night. They drove everybody crazy!

ariel said...

I dunno that show but Tom, you did a great job!

Aren't talking dogs tiring, though? I thought one thing people like about dogs is that they cannot talk. :-P

tsduff said...

*wipes the laughter tears away* Icy's expressions are getting better and better - and I've never seen Dusty so ... well, animated! Ha ha ha- great job Tom.

Tom & Icy said...

Terry, check out Weirsdo and Doug on Dusty's Asinine News on the sidebar.
Ugly Grace, I heard they were regulars there for seventy years or more!
Ariel, they were in the movies and on radio in the forties and fifties.

TLP said...

Great job Tom! I love that skit. I never, ever tire of it.