Friday, October 12, 2007



Icy tells about what's going on at home.


TLP said...

I'm with you Icy. I don't like living in a work zone, thou I have been a lot lately.

I hate to break it to you honey, but there are more cats than there are people who want them. Hint: put one in their truck when they're not looking.

rev. jimmy reptile said...

Now Icy, that isn't a very Christinane attitude! Although I must admit I try to stay out of the way when the blessed carpenters are working at my church.
This would be the opposite of the blasted carpenters, aka Honey Paws and The Spooky Guy.

ariel said...

All I understood was "Master Tom" and "hope they steal the cat". Was there anything else important, Icy dear? :-P

Jamie Dawn said...

Find a good place to hide while the work is being done. I have a feeling they won't take the cat with them, but you can always hope.
You never know...

Very cute!!