Friday, March 28, 2008

Noname Having Kittens

Little Noname Cat is having her babies Friday night about ten in the evening. She went in the unused bedroom upstairs where the dogs never go. She had one so far when I heard it crying and took this picture. I just rubbed Noname's head and back for a moment and she purred. I'll have to wait until morning when it gets light to be able to see how many she will have.


ariel said...

Did I tell you that story when we visited friends, they had that metal netlike doormat at their door, as you rub your dirty sole against it, the mud falls through the holes of the doormat and gathers under it. Very practical when you spend many time outside and your boots are always dirty. When their cat had its kittens the night we spent there, she brought them to the door, and put one on the doormat. Wanted to show them, I guess? The new-born was squeezed through the holes of the doormat with the first step the family's 15 year old boy took to the outside world that morning. Poor boy, he was out of mind with shock.

Congratulations and be careful as you walk around!

Cheesemeister said...

I hope they are all healthy!
When I was 6 years old we had a pregnant cat adopt us. I named her kittens Fritz, Rose and Daisy. Fritz and Daisy got new homes. We kept Rose. Unfortunately she got hit by a car. She was a tortoiseshell cat, like Isis the pyro cat.