Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I'm Getting Out of Here in my Pink Rocketship!

I got called for jury duty, but they called me today and excused me.

My wife, Red, spends most of her time sleeping, and I help her to her chair where she watches TV, but she has a lot of trouble working the remote control, so I have to change the channels for her.

Icy is about as bad: she can barely walk from one room to another and has to stop and rest after about three or four steps. I have to lift her down the one step to go outside or if she tries by herself she falls flat on her face. She poops and pees on the carpet in the living room and I have to keep a portable shampooer handy. We will need a new carpet anyway after she is gone, the carpet is about 25 years old.I think Icy will be 16.

I downloaded the free Kindle software for Windows PC's which is sort of like pdf's but I like it a lot better and you can bookmark the sentence you are on so the next time it is turned on, there it is. I can make the print big on my 25 inch monitor so I can see it. I can't read books, the lines blur and jump all over the place.

I also like to make virtual models and create videos and now have a music maker that lets me compose sound or music or noise in sync with the video. It's sort of like a jig-saw puzzle, you know, where you have hundreds of small pieces and have to fit them together to make a picture. Well, they have hundreds of small pieces of recorded music, mostly about two bars each and you can take them and try to make your remix sound like the original song they came from, or you can just take bars of various instruments and create your own little tune or background music.

I filled up dozens of half-gallon cleaned-out milk containers with water because it is getting cold this week and our water freezes when it gets down to 15 F. The pipe is in such a tight awkward place, I can't get to it to insulate it unless I pull up the floor boards.

I have to wash clothes in the bathtub because the washer went out, but usually I just throw Red's pants away and go to a used clothing store because she poops all over herself and it gets gross and disgusting. She will be 72 in Feb.

A black kitten came in the house and has adopted us. I think it belongs to the people next door. It is solid black and really friendly. Someone handled it a lot. There are about three others that come in the yard, but they won't come near me. This one won't stay out of my lap and I almost trip over it because it follows me right at my feet.


Cheesemeister said...

I always hope they don't call me for jury duty. This is one case where having a major mental illness might actually work in my favor. The doctor might be able to get me excused on the basis that screwing with my schedule too much could cause me to go into a major depression (which is true) and then I would be useless as a juror.

Doug said...

That's some mission statement. Your animation reminds me of Flash Gordon.

Anonymous said...

Whow! Major Tom? A German song.

jan said...

I love your Icy around home slide show. And I want to ride on a pink rocketship. You are quite talented.

Nessa said...

Boy do you have lots going on. Sounds like you are already on a pink rocket ride.

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