Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dusty Doggy Is Blind

Poor Dusty is old and blind, living in a blurry world of shadows. When I feed him, I have to hold his head and guide him to the dish or else he has to roam around sweeping his head side to side until his nose hits the bowl. He still likes to chase cats, but Little Noname pays no attention to him. On rare occations, his nose bumps against the kitten and he jumps foreward wanting to chase it and she thinks it is a game as she hops aside and watches him try to find her in his vague, obscure world.


Jamie Dawn said...

Awwww, poor Dusty.
I feel sorry for him because losing his eyesight must make him very sad.
I'd give him a hug if I were there.

Cheesemeister said...

Poor ole Dusty. Dogs do have an advantage over us humans with their much keener sense of smell, but when you get that old, it's not as easy to be resilient when you lose something as necessary as sight

ariel said...

Old and blind dogs often have so much better lifes than old and blind people. Dusty has a good family. And hey, once a dog, always a dog, and cats are for chase in all worlds. :-P

Doug said...

It's a good point, Ariel. I'm sure if I get old and blind no one will guide me to the bowl. That's ok, though. The hand that feeds you can taste better than the food.

actonbell said...

lol, Doug.
Poor Dusty, but as Ariel says, she's got it good with you:)