Thursday, January 3, 2008


Oh gosh golly gee! I feel more than enlightened, I feel enbrightened. I'd wear my sunglasses, but that scratch on my nose from the cat is so sore.


Filthy Fred said...

Reverend Jimmy's buns felt emfrostbitten when he fell backwards into a sub-zero snowbank!

Doug said...

Better than englumerated, I suppose.

ariel said...

"I'm wearing my sunglasses at white" is the song for you, Icy. :-P

Funny photo.

Jamie Dawn said...

Happy New Year, Bright Eyes!!
I think Icy would look great in some cool, big-lensed sunglasses.

actonbell said...

Were you thinking about that Timkuk3 song?
"I study nuclear physics
I love my classes
I gotta crazy teacher who wears dark glasses
Things are goin' great,
and there're only gettin' better
I'm doin' all right
Gettin' good grades
My future's so bright
I gotta wear shades..."

Aw, poor Icy, with her sore nose, though. Cats are so catty.

tsduff said...

Ariel - LOL!!! (Love that song by Corey Hart) Icy = a mud pultice would draw the pain out.

ariel said...

Jamie Dawn! I love your new avatar!