Monday, July 14, 2008

Icy Raps

She not only talks, but also sings:

Doggy doggy arf arf

Oh, how I love this life of mine

Where humans are kind all the time

I sniff booty and bury bones

All day I guard the home

--Written by Dusty Doggy before he passed away.


Doug said...

Dusty was the Vanilla Ice of Terriers. He is still missed.

tsduff said...

Dusty's legacy lives on. We miss him. I still think he was part Rasta.

zack crackajack said...

Yo! Good one, dawgz!

Ariel the Thief said...

Dusty Doggy was the source of the success of many rappers in the USA, they came to him and usually left with a top ten hit in their pockets.

Great one! Thanks for the lyrics, too. :-)

Fred said...

Dusty was a great writer.

TLP said...

Did Dusty copyright that? Snoop Dogg will be stealin' it. Fo sho

actonbell said...

It's wonderful to hear Icy keeping father Dusty Doggy's songs alive.

Jamie Dawn said...

Get jiggy with it, dawggy!!!!
I'm bouncin' to the beat.
Dusty smiles from heaven.

Q Bic Zirconium said...

Yo lissen up homies. He learned everything he knew from me.