Thursday, July 30, 2009

Previews of Patty Lamb's Blog

We've been trying to learn computer animation or anime with our blog about Patty Lamb, her nickname Lammy. Starting Saturday, the first, we will start posting the one and two minute video posts we have made to continue her story. Her evil nemesis, Professor Snewgflo has programmed her brain so she would be ugly like the other zombies and will have to go to him and love him so he will change her back into a pretty zombie. This short video is just a collection of clips taken from the upcoming posts.


Doug said...

Looks uplifting! I like the background music and look forward to the series.

Anonymous said...

WOOT...this looks exciting. Can't wait. Have a Happy Positive Day 2009 :) Aloha

Nessa said...

I am positively looking forward to Lammy's story continuing in video.

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