Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Really, that was my Master Tom singing Happy Birthday to me in my own language. Isn't he silly, but nice.


tsduff said...

No finer birthday song sung anywhere! And, that cake is one to be proud of Icy. You must be in heaven :-D. And Tom, how awesome that you know the words.

Cheesemeister said...

Happy birthday, Icy!

Doug said...

Nice? Yep.

Silly? Oh, yeah.

ariel said...

oh Tom, you sing with so much empathy!

Happy Birthday, Icy!

Jamie Dawn said...

I had to grab my son's laptop in order to hear that.
Sadly, my laptop's sound does not work.
Tom's doggie rendition is superb, especially the ending!!
That music sounds like a toy piano I used to have.


Ariella said...

Happy Birthday to the queen mum.
I want to be like you when I grow up.

G said...

Happy Birthday Icy! I am sorry it is belated, but the wishes are no less heartfelt.

Can't seem to get a lot of the pictures from my office and then I haven't been blogging much from home. ANyway, Happy Birthday girl.

Minka said...

Happy belated birthday sound slike a lot of fun at your house. I just hope you don´t let Master Tom out too much amongst people :)

Sonia said...