Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Good Ole Days

Master Tom says we are like kids because when we watch wrestling on TV, we then like to get out in the floor and wrestle. My Mommy Nippy was the referee for a match between my Daddy Dusty Doggy and me. Mommy Nippy died in 1997 from cancer.


Cairo The Boxer said...

You guys look so happy! It is nice to relive the good days.

So how did you do that with out a video???

So how's spring treating you??

tsduff said...

Your Mom was cute. I miss the way my pups used to wrestle whilst running up and down the hall, making a racket and driving us all nuts... :-D

the wwf wannabes said...

We are sory yur mum dyed, Isy. But we ar pleezed that yu luv raslin! It iz the gratest sport evur!

Tom & Icy said...

To make a video picture on your blog:
1. Load your video onto Windows MovieMaker and trim it down to about 20 seconds and mute it.
2. Convert the video file to a flash file (.swf) using a program you have to buy and install onto your computer.
3. Upload the .swf file to a photo hosting service like YesAlbum.com.
4. When posting, go to EDIT HTML and insert a code that embeds the movie onto your blog which you get from "Blogger Knowledge" section.

For longer videos, you are better off using a service like YouTube or Google.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Is Dusty getting a little old to rassle?

Tom & Icy said...

This was about eleven years ago when Icy was about two. Now she is almost 13. She tried to go upstairs and got about a third of the way and fell back down the steps. Dusty can barely make it up two steps to get back in the house from the yard. Icy's mom died ten years ago.

ariel said...

one day we all realize steps are for trouble only!

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm sad that Nippy died.

That wrestling looks like it was fun!

I suppose Nippy is a doggie angel watching over Icy now.