Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Jelly Beans

Sometimes it pays to be choosy.


TLP said...

Good girl Icy! You take the jelly beans. (That means leave the chocolate for me!)

Minka said...

Good job, Icy...did you see the hands that were holding those pills? I suspect Icy, run!

ariel said...

ROTFL Icy! That'd have been an unexpected turn in the movie.

Jamie Dawn said...

Those things look like horse pills to me!!

Happy Happy Happy Thanksgiving!!
Eat lots of good food, but don't eat the cat.

filthy fred said...

Talk about yucky--Bertie Butt just added Fart to his Every Gross Flavor Jelly Bean collection. It's Arsewipe's favorite.

ariel said...

Icy, in case Tom didn't tell you, this is Thanksgiving, so ask for extra dinner tonight!

Happy Thanksgiving!