Thursday, November 15, 2007

Just Thinking

Most of the time I just lay around and think. Like, I wonder when the curtain was invented. It was probably invented by a cat. They are prissy like that.

Original photo by Ariel.


Filthy Fred said...

Nah, they were invented by a guy like me who wanted to hide the fact that he and the neighbor's wife were messing around!

ariel said...

Fred, was it in a Woody Allen movie when that guy said, 'My family was so poor, had I not been born a boy, I'd have had nothing to play with.' ?

Curtain was invented by a man, definitely. :-)

Amhsirak Rian XXVIXIXLXXVI said...

No it was invented by Tom's wife before she married him actually, he is why its called 'Peeping Tom'!!

TLP said...

I love your photo Ariel.

Curtains were invented by someone who didn't have to take them down, wash them, iron them, and then re-hang them. Mmmmm....sounds like a man to me.

tsduff said...

Icy fits her surroundings like a queen. Lovely photo Ariel.

Curtains were invented by some poor soul who didn't like to look outside. I love open windows.

Minka said...

beautiful photo, inspiring dog...interesting question.
Hilarious answers already ahead of me!

I am not even gonna try to beat that!